How much is the shipping cost?

We Offer FREE Standard Delivery within USA.

How do i clean the bottles?

You can wash the bottle with mild soap and warm water during regular use.

If you observe scaling in the bottle due to the hard water characteristics in your area, you can descale the bottle by following the instructions below:

1. Apply 2oz of Distilled White Vinegar over the metallic plates in the center of the base

2. Wait for at least 1.5hrs

3. Rinse thoroughly

It is recommended to do descaling at least once every 30-40 uses.

NOTE: Do not submerge the entire base in water or place the bottle in a dishwasher, or use metal brushes for cleaning.

What all types of water can i use in the bottle?

Our H2 and H2P bottles are compatible with multiple sources of water including Distilled water, Tap water, Filtered water, RO water, Natural Spring, Purified water, Well water, and Bottled water.

NOTE: Water with low mineral content may not produce any visibly significant reaction.

Why is my bottle not producing Bubbles?

When you receive the H2 or H2P bottles initially, we recommend you to fill the bottle with warm water and soak for at least 24 hours. This will help activate the membrane in the PEM unit below which may have dried out.

Can i use HOT or COLD water?

You can use cold or iced water, warm water and room temperature water.

AVOID pouring boiling hot water in your H2 Bottle or H2P Pitcher, as it may cause damage to the base unit and the membrane inside it. Doing so could potentially void your warranty.

How many uses will i get with a single charge?

The bottle you possess has the potential to yield an impressive 15 to 20 times on a single full charge, depending on its specific specifications and use.

How long will it take to fully charge a unit?

On a average, it takes around 5-7 hours to fully charge. We recommend using the provided USB charging cable.

Can i use my USB adapter with the bottle?

You may use other OEM USB adapters for plugging to the wall socket. However, we strongly advice you to use the provided Charging Cable along with the USB Adapter.

Will there be any change to the taste of water?

Our H2 or H2P bottles will not alter the taste of the water you add. However, you will feel a slight difference in texture with the foggy water and positive energized feeling for your body, based on various feedbacks we have received from our customers.