What is ORP?

What is ORP?

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In today's world, we get more curious about the quality of products we use. Now imagine water being the product. How do you measure its quality? How many particles are there in water? Are these particles harmful for my body? How can I help the good particles in water? There are numerous such questions running around like a monkey in our head. 

So lets start with the measures of quality of water. One of the key measures that we use to measure the quality of water is ORP - Oxidation Reduction Potential. There are a whole bunch of others, but we will get to them later. 


ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is a measure of the ability of a liquid to release or accept electrons during chemical reactions like oxidation and reduction. 

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Whaaat is "milliVolts" doing here?


Yes! You heard it right. ORP is measured in milliVolts. ORP in a way is a measure of electron reaction happening in the solution. ORP devices or probes as we call, is basically a platinum or gold electrode that is immersed in water that measures the potential difference generated by these electron transfer reactions. This in a way is a measure of the conductivity of the solution although conductivity and ORP are not the same thing. The probe measures this conductivity in milliVolts and hence the unit of milliVolts.

ORP and Swimming Pool Water

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Pool Operators leverage ORP probes to maintain the safety and cleanliness of water. By monitoring ORP levels regularly, they can ensure the water is properly disinfected whereby reducing the risk of waterborne diseases. It also provides operators with an idea of the chlorine demand in the water. 

A high ORP indicates chlorine is on its higher scale among other particles in water, and a low ORP indicates ability of water to remove oxidants and lower chlorine levels.

ORP and Hydrogen-Rich Water

We do not want Chlorine getting into our body, at least in larger quantities. With the swimming pool case, it is clear that the higher ORP value implies more Chlorine content. Thus in case of Hydrogen Water we drink, we will be looking for lower ORP values. 

Our H2 Hydrogen Water Bottle reduces water’s ORP to an amazing low value of negative 700mV (milliVolts).

Basic Thumb Rule

Higher ORP, lower the ability of the liquid to neutralize harmful Oxidative particles.

Here is an ORP scale for your reference:

The ORP (Oxidoreduction Potential) | Aqualife

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